Why offshoring IT


As we all move ahead in this competitive age, those who are not outsourcing are at a competitive disadvantage against those who are outsourcing. Here we enumerate the main reasons why you should consider outsourcing software development with OYIT Software Consultancy:




The primary reason customers started getting software written offshore is: it’s cheaper.
The hourly rate for a skilled developer has increased dramatically over the past few years.

By outsourcing your software development, you can have a whole skilled team working on your project for less amount than hiring one on-site software developer. You can get more of your projects done, faster, easier, on time and under budget. You do not need to worry about hiring costs, training costs, finder fees etc.
You can be freed from the constraints of a financial straight-jacket and get your killer dream apps created.



With the current economy and resource shortage, IT departments are stretched too thin already. They do not have time available to maintain company’s existing software systems, let alone create new applications or rewrite an existing old application. With outsourcing software maintenance you can free up your IT department’s time to work on strategically important tasks or you can have a killer application developed by OYIT Software Consultancy and not waste any of your existing IT’s valuable time.

A key executive time saving area, often ignored, is report writing. Executives spend enormous amount of time gathering data and create ad hoc reports of their choice. These tasks can be outsourced to an experienced data reporting company saving the executive’s valuable time for other leadership tasks.
Software development organizations are decreasing their product’s time to market by outsourcing their software development. And companies, using technology as a competitive edge, are outsourcing to have technology help them start saving time now.


Skilled Resources:

Its not about just saving cost, its about adding talent too. Finding the right resource is very hard these days. And once you hire them it is very hard to retain them. By smart outsourcing you instantly inject skilled resources into your project on an as needed basis. You do not have to worry about spending enormous amount of time finding and retaining skilled resources. OYIT Software Consultancy has equally good, or better, resources readily available.